Monday, November 7, 2011

Reporting Back (A letter to a close friend back in China, copied for y'alls viewin' pleasure))

My goodness how I miss you.

I was reading any news I can find about China as I do pretty much every day and this is the one that caught my attention and inspired me most today.

I love it.

Before I get into my little emotional monologue, please pass on my message of 大家好 and 皮特儿好想大家 to... 大家朋友们...

I'm sure i've said it before but I wanna say it again~ the hospitality that you and your family have shown me has been incredible. I don't think i'd have fallen quite as much in love with China if I didn't have you all. You're more than a credit to your country and have been (a) phenomenal friend(s).

As soon as I got off the plane in Chicago, I knew right away that I wouldn't be able to live in America for long. I guess i've gotten comfortable with being a 老外. Being a 小内 isn't anywhere near as much fun.... though I doooo like NOT being stared at as much.

When I was in the airport surrounded by all these super fat americans I started getting really anxious and looking around for some chinese people or at least some asians to make me feel a little more comfortable :D. I found 3... and I think they're from taiwan or hongkong because they're passports were in traditional characters... Anyhow... it made me happy.

I think one of the things I like most about China right now is how much change is happening. There is a lot of growth that is happening and about to happen. In America... its kind of embarrassing. We're going backwards. My brother and I were watching youtube for like an hour watching this "occupy wallstreet" bullshit. None of them really know why they're there. They're all protesting something different, which really just makes it a sad joke. There's a lot of angry people, but they just seem content to be angry and not actually get something done. Its like yelling the the face of a cow because its giving you milk not cheese. You dont actually need it to give you cheese, but you're happy because your getting rid of your stress... Stupid people.

THere was even this one super ugly transvestite (man changing into a girl through surgery) who was calling "herself" a "Mao-ist" because "she" felt that society didn't accept her right to change "her" gender identity.

Yes.... and 毛泽东 would totally encourage you to snip off your penis and grow boobs... RETARD! To the labour camps with that one...

But these are all just details. I think what I like most about China and the Chinese people are that every one accepts that they're not being told the truth, and finds a way to live and discover whatever truth they deem important in spite of govt controls. Americans do one of about three things: (a)dig out some crazy ass conspiracy and pretend its the truth, (b) not care and just live their lives, (c) take the little bit of story that our government gives us and live on in our own little world...

Government is pretty much the same wherever you go. Ours lies too.... but they're better at making the public believe they know whats going on because we are given "enough."

I feel like I don't have anything to offer here. Its like... I could get a job here if I wanted, but i feel like any job I would possibly do... I might as well NOT do... and it wouldn't really matter.

Being in Asia though, as a foreigner, I feel like there was a lot more learning going on. Its nice to be back home to see my family and what not, of course, but i feel like this is the "resting stage' before I move on to the next thing. I don't think there is much more "up" for me here right now. Its just ... more of the same.

I wonder if KC would really be as happy here as he thinks he would. He'd love to be with his family I KNOW, and the standard of living yesss (GOSH the wine here is soooooo much better... and CHEAP ($5-$10 for a great bottle of wine... ), but would he feel normal here or would he get bored?

That said, I'm really excited to go experience Korea for a while. It'll be very interesting to see how these countries (FAR east... Nor and Sou Kor,Jap,CHN,TAI, etc) grow together in the future. Im pretty sure i'll have something to do with it ^_^

I've got my papers and paid for the first 2 semester at my program, so now all I need to do is go to the Korean Consulate and apply for my Visa, which im doing either the 10th or 11th of this month (just a few days now!!)

Finally ~ its your turn. How are you/ what have you been doing lately?