Sunday, August 21, 2011

Autumns a comin' should be read before Mighty herds

> Subject: Autumns a comin' ... eventually
> I think I wanna raise llammas. And why not?
> Anyhow, im at the park drinking coffee on a rarely cool and crisp evening under
> the hopes that "fresh air kills germs." Its something I read on the internet so
> it must be true.
> Yes... I'm again. I think my years of wild hedonism have finally caught up to
> me. Ok... theres maybe five of them by my counting.
> I blame the under-sleeping and over-drinking. Regardless... trying to move
> forward in health and cheer.
> Currently, and shockingly, there are some kids under the tutelage of a mildly
> plump woman learning kung-fu. Rare. I see lots of taichi, lots of bad
> instrumentalists, but this is probably the most impressive single display of
> cultural discipline i've seen in China in a while. Refreshing.
> Anyhow back to the llamas.
> I was thinking about my station, my function, my direction and a few other
> things that probably end in -tion.... and one of the things i've become
> preoccupied with recently is, for lack of a better term ~ putting in roots.
> The allure of a gypsy lifestyle and traveling around "seeing the world" is
> losing some of its flair now that im seeing much of the flair in a culture is
> hidden within their rooted societies. Now - true, i've only really seen three
> cultures, but imma go ahead and make that hypothesis.
> A rooted society doesnt have to be stationary. If you look at North Americans,
> especially the young ones, we move all over the place. Theres college, post
> college, the first real job, maybe a second job, marriage. All of those stages
> could involve 2-4 years and then we move again. Realistically its not a long
> time, but I think theres still a commitment to a society they want to be a part
> of. Some of it is family driven, others career, but each of those aims still
> includes them in a social group.
> So to put this a little more plainly, theres always my bottom line of "what do I
> wanna be" but im also tinkering around with what it would mean to commit myself
> more instead of holding back. I dont think i've held back from how ive
> approached my adventures, but i've definitely limited one adventure for the sake
> of pursuing another.
> No idea what rooting would mean for me, but ridiculous fancies of llamas and the
> like definitely are on the list of random but wonderful.
> Ah, to some of the meat as well.
> Just got a text today from the functional manager (Chinese ~ awesome lady) of
> the kids school saying the following:
> Maple: ""Big news! Maria wants me to ask you if you want to be the kids
> supervisor of teaching. Sounds like she got some new idea from a Hong Kong guy.
> You may need to do some working hours, I guess you can ask for a raise for
> salary.
> Me: Interesting concept. what all does it include and what does ""working hours"
> mean? Im open to the idea. I just want to now more.
> Maple: She did not say it clearly (peter ammended "typical"). Let me think. You
> are in charge of everything, teaching and sales. She though your out going
> personality will help us work well. I think she wants to make sure you're gonna
> stay here.
> Me: Bahahah. thanks. I will think about it.
> Maple: Typical chinese politician way to make someone stay. It is not a bad
> thing anyway. You can think about it. I will reply to her and say you are
> thinking.
> --
> I do so enjoy honest relationships. I've been honest and clear with Maple and
> she returns the favour: hahaha.
> If it doesn't require me tying myself down for a year, i'll consider it. Might
> help me walk out of this firestorm with a few less burns if I work it right.
> --
> It might be fun to be a sheikh... i'll need mighty herds of llamas for that one,
> or my enemies won't respect and fear me.

Mighty Herds

attaining mighty herds thanks to a mass murderer in

For those of you interested in the actual story I was reading, here is the link:

Its about Anders Behring Breivik the "gunman" who organized the Oslo bombing at
the end of July and continued in is quest of destruction on a small island youth
camp run by the ruling Labour party killing 68 people...

(all facts yeilded from the following link

If you look at the final few lines of the article listed above, Breivik believes
that his massacre was necessary to save Norway and Europe from Muslims and

Hmm, Muslims and multiculturalism. Two things im quite fond of. So here we have
this man with the know-how and the drive to take the lives of a very large
number of people ~ a deathcount of 76 people in three hours and one minute.

He knew how to do what he did, its not an accident. THat is not the work of
insanity, thats the work of reasoning malice ~ something a lot more frightening.

Now this blog isnt really about the malice of a hatefilled Norwegian, its about
my mighty herds, and how I can achieve it.

So what do alpaca llamas and mass-murder have in common? Norway.

If your jaw is unhinged and the only sound that comes to mind is "uhhhhhh?", let
me take this moment to show you my thoughts. I'll have to beat around the bush
for a while, because I don't see an effective thesis statement that will make
this easier. But sit back and enjoy the read, because I enjoy writing it ^_^

~ A thought that has often entered my mind since I was young and starving for
identity was the idea of "going back to my roots."

I like many North Americans are very ill-acquainted with my roots, so much so in
fact that i'm pretty sure that I sprouted up without any.

If you ask me my heritage I can tell you maybe the first five layers on my
mother and fathers sides...combined.. (is that only two layers then? hmm).
Norwegian and Danish on dad's side... and then evidently there are some angry
but shockingly beautiful Irish folk on that side too... whatever then theres
mom's side with the Irish and Scottish and the token Native American Nationality
of your choice. I'd like to say Apache or Comanche cause I think its cool ~ but
its probably cherokee because everyone is....

So as I developed and gained what I hope to be wisdom, I came to my own personal
stage of life where I decided that my so called heritage was something that was
not really claimable as a part of my own identity. No one alive in my family can
speak Norwegian or Danish, or Gaelic, or Comanche (Cherokee), and you can be
darn certain that we dont obey any of the customs or honour any of the holidays.

As such, how can you really claim to be from a culture if all of the traces
aside from this massive Norwegian/Danish forehead and screaming whiteness, have
been lost to the dust of time?

So instead of trying to hold onto my so called "roots" I as a matter of natural
tendency and, including a healthy degree of pushing from my parents, began to
inoculate myself with 'foreign' cultures (to include the wider array of
cultures.. not just beyond country borders, but also country internal and
sub-cultures). Instead of being a bush or a tree, I'm more like some of that
climbing Ivy that makes old buildings looks o cool. I latch on to other things
and gain awesomeness via synergy.

Virginia creeper is possibly the best name ever for a plant (related to ivy I
believe)... especially the way my mom says it.

To start coming full circle... (waxing or waning? is the glass half empty now or
half full? you decide, and Freud will interpret.)

...I was thinking about how I will ever get my mighty herds if i keep jumping
all over creation halfway looking for meaning and never finding any kind of
anchor on life... essentially being like a drunk (if not ACTUALLY being a
drunk): enjoying most of my time, but not having much to show for it aside from
some wonderful stories which sometimes get forgotten. (not that I look down on
wonderful stories)

I want to make more of a mark, not just wonderful gestures of kindness and
giving a demo class that'll knock your socks off.

So what do I get riled up by? Malice and cultural ignorance/more importantly
intolerance of cultural differences and or the growth of culture.

Heres the new 100% set in stone master plan. Enjoy my time cooking in China and
learning to actually enjoy teaching children here (odd how this happens). Go to
Korea and study Korean, maybe learn Hapkido just for kicks and giggles (well not
JUST I guess), and then not necessarily in this order, go to Norway and learn
Norwegian, before after or during getting a masters and or Ph.D on the focus of
estranged Ethnic societies -- particularly such as us in North America ~ who
have no genuine connection to an ethnic identity and left with the serious
question of "what does home mean." Applying to refugees and minority estranged
groups as well.

Then I can buy or have built (I am not my father. I have no interest in using my
own beautiful hands to do it...) a lovely house in most likely the Pacific
Northwest of North America and spend my off time raising llamas, entertaining
what I imagine will be a very wide network of international friends and
contacts, and researching and writing tomes of multicultural brilliance.

As a hobby I might also include defending the world from those who hate
multiculturalism by having deep and riveting conversations... and maybe through
smashing their world to bits with my, by that time highly polished, hapkido

There you have it:

Mighty Herds,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The RIGHT kind of Crazy

The Right Kind of Crazy

I've seen myself settling into the groove. I've actually begun to derive some
degree of pleasure from teaching these kids classes, and working half of my
contracted hours while getting paid the same... isnt too bad a deal. Though
there is a side kick to this deal.

I'm getting lazy and i've lost my passion. I dont have the interest to study, to
grow or pursue... almost anything.

I like that least of all.

So I've found myself trying to bring back passion and fire.

I think its a lot like university when I realized that I was basically
insensitive and devoid of interpersonal emotion~ and went on a quest to change
it. Lets say that by the end of my quest I was sensitive enough to be moved to
tears by Charlottes web. But the be fair it IS a moving movie.. sorry for the

I was thinking today, how to abandon my self-imposed duties and get back to
fanning the fire of something a bit more worth while.

Im rebelling against China within myself right now. Mostly because i dont wanna
have the same goals that essentially every chinese person has. I want something

So here is my newest hair-brained scheme: go to Korea and spend all of my money
on a university program that'll take a year and a half to gain proficiency in
Korean. Study Hapkido for kicks and giggles (groan), and get some of that one
thing i've been craving for a while: Perspective. Something that doesn't exist
in this country...

After that HAHA~ I can move to one of the three major areas of China that have
large Korean populations and continue to refine my languages simultaneously
while blowing glass and teaching English.

Its brilliant I say.

The ridiculous of it made me smile. and I'm pretty sure I felt a couple
ice-chips flake of of my heart, which in and of itself is worth it. I want more
of that.

The right kind of crazy.

Love you all, Hope your well.

RE: Mum~ please post.