Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pedro goes to San Francisco

Stage Two - Wherein Pedro’s adventure becomes an incredibly international affair.

(exhale - Inhale - exhale - - - inhale)

For those of you who read my previous post - Wherein Pedro goes to the Chinese Embassy - you know that there have been some interesting developments in my adventure of going to China. I was sent the right paperwork... for the wrong country. So, I am going on a “little” side adventure 1000 miles away in order to make my primary adventure... five-thousand miles away.
The events are going to transpire as follows: tomorrow I will be getting on a plane and heading down to meet some wonderful new in-laws in San Francisco. Then I get to take the scenic route to the Chinese Embassy in San Francisco to bring to an end the quest I started this past thursday. As long as nothing flops majorly, I will have my work permit and be heading back up to Vancouver on monday evening or tuesday morning (I HOPE!) Which brings me to my next point!
In the magical events with United Airlines over three days ago, my bag was somehow... magic’ed away. I have been without most of my clothes for over 72 hours. Those MC Hammer parachute pants that I have been enjoying have been my much appreciated nocturnal change of clothes. Otherwise - I have been sporting this incredibly attractive european cut three piece suit and lovely purple tie. Oh yes - I do look good ~ thanks for noticing.
Because of the dumbfounding incompetence of United airlines, I have been fleecing them for travel vouchers equating to about $100 per day. oh yes-- right now I am entitled to a travel voucher in the amount of $150 and one more in the amount of $250. - Not enough to quite pay for the round trip - but at least for my return journey from San Francisco :D! -- the negligence of United means that I still dont quite have the second voucher in my possession yet... but not to worry -- Ill make sure it gets there.

There is a lot of work to do ~ and I thoroughly dislike not having my bag with me. However, this is one of those moments that builds perseverance, and I will persevere until my goal is met. I am doing my best to trust.

I will not be shaken.

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